We are Industry Six, an online media, e-commerce and advertising network.

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Industry Six is a development firm that creates, manages and provides advertising on web properties. All our websites are developed and run in-house and we provide advertising services to niche businesses across the network.

Chasing Coins: Cryptocurrency Network

Chasing Coins is a crypto site with a difference. We provide a community first and foremost, and secondly a suite of tools for investigating, monitoring and making decisions with cryptocurrencies.

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MMO Population: Subscriber count

We track the current subscribers, active users and history of both for MMOs. This helps you to choose an MMO that has the required "activity" you'd like to see, or perhaps you are just interested.

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Eco Haven: Eco-friendly shopping

Saying no to plastic straws is a great start - but have a look around your bathroom, handbag, kitchen and house and see how much plastic you are wasting?

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If you would like to buy advertising or marketing space on a website please contact us. We offer placements, sponsorships and more for both MMO Population and Chasing Coins.

Abuse & Complaints

If you have any issues on any of our network sites please reach out to us via email. We do not tolerate hate speech, or abuse on any of our sites.